About Bruce

Bruce is an active West Coast Swing teacher, competitor, judge and social dancer. He also is versed at other styles of dance.

A brief about Bruce:

Bruce was originally a figure skater (first intro into body movement and form) and used to stage choreography for music groups and performances.  He is also an accomplished music composer since the age of 8 and deeply understands music rhythms and timings.   His other sports include advanced down hill skiing and mountain biking.


Training and Certifications:
Certified as an NDDCB Judge for West Coast Swing and Night Club 2 Step
GSDTA (Garden State Dance Teachers Association) trained in WCS, dance rhythms and body movement.


Bruce has competed in the National Circuit (WSDC) about 12 years.

Social Dancing:

What’s really important to me is that I try to dance with everyone no matter what level they are and I encourage creativity!! Dancing is it’s own reward, both physical as exercise and mentally as an activity that clears the mind.   My goal is to “enable” you to be the best dancer you can be. Exactly how you take your journey is your own personal adventure.

So one thing for sure, just ASK ME TO DANCE!! 😉

Dancing should be fun, exciting and a liberating experience. I never let myself get so serious that I don’t continue to try new things and play around on the dance floor.  Smiles are my favorite reward