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Summer Sunday Lesson #1


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Sunday April 26th Lesson:

Snap whip, Invitational Lead, Inside Turn with Lead Scroll, Rolling Side Jump – 90 degree whip will be on a future video.

April 26th – Lesson Recap – West Coast Swing

May 10th Moms Day Lesson:

Body Isolations for Funky Music Lower Body, Side Single Shag Sweep, Side Single Step Funky, Side Multiple Shag, Ladies Sugar Lunge, Inside Turn with Lead Accent Scroll  (note the count on the move I demo’d is actually “a 5” and can be done during the move taught on April 6th).

May 10th – Lesson Recap – West Coast Swing

May 31st – Lesson Recap – West Coast Swing

This week was a extended pattern that hovers around 24 to 32 counts depending on your final lengths. You can vary the last part of the pattern to present right at beat 24.

It includes a shared turn, lead/follow tandem turn, two handed lunge, short sweetheart walk to right over left, eggbeater ending, or eggbeater to man scroll.   I recommend playing around with the pattern to come up with 24 and 32 count variations.  I’ll go over that briefly next lesson.

June 14th – Lesson Recap – West Coast Swing
Spiral Turns, Lead and Follow, Behind the back lead intro – Not on video, blind lead/follow – side shag spiral loaded simultaneous turn.

July 12th – Lesson Recap – West Coast Swing